MHP is a physician led and administered organization. The MHP Board of Directors is responsible for the quality of care policies, the compliance of its physicians to follow best practice guidelines, and the metrics to monitor the outcomes of patient care. Two more days to toradol pill id go.. Michigan Healthcare Professionals is putting into practice what leaders in health care, as well as third-party purchasers of health care services, have been calling for within the modern practice of medicine.

  • Doctors taking more responsibility for the outcomes of medical care and the overall well-being of patients.
  • Patient care protocols guided by well-defined clinical trials whenever possible.
  • An emphasis on preventive medicine and related wellness programs.
  • A solid team concept with physician care augmented appropriately by ancillary health care workers.
  • Practicing medicine with an eye to containing costs for everyone—the patient and society in general—so that we can provide the most and best care to the greatest possible population of patients.
  • Physician-directed quality assurance and compliance programs.
  • Overall, helping patients “travel” more smoothly though the health care “maze.”