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MAPI extends great appreciation to all friends, both medical and non-medical for the great support that was provided to us during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. With the help of funds donated by you all and AAPI, we were able to support multiple community organizations. MAPI free clinic is now open and we are seeing patients by appointment only during clinic hours on Saturdays. MAPI greatly appreciates the efforts of clinic staff and clinic director, Dr. Beena Nagapala, for running this clinic effectively with full guidelines in place.




The Michigan Association of Physicians of Indian Heritage (MAPI) was founded in 1976 by a small group of gallant physicians of Indian origin. These founders defined and structured this organization as the first to support the international medical graduates of Indian origin. MAPI soon evolved into a larger entity as additional Indian physicians dedicated their time to the worthy causes of MAPI. In 1982, MAPI gave birth to a larger umbrella organization, the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI), a national professional organization.

MAPI focuses primarily on issues surrounding practice of medicine by its members. It conducts educational activities through various professional channels and Continuing Medical Education (CME) meetings. Past speakers have included renowned physicians and high-ranking officers of various national medical associations, political leaders, and financial executives.

MAPI officers and members have voiced their opinions at both state and national levels. In addition, they have participated in medical associations throughout county and state levels in Michigan as well as at the national level in Washington D.C. Its members have consistently exhibited their abilities and reliance in various organizations including MAPI, AAPI, the Michigan State Medical Society (MSMS), and the American Medical Association (AMA).

Message from President

I feel extremely privileged to assume the role of President of the Michigan Association of Physician of Indian Heritage. I am extremely grateful to all those who nurtured this organization to present level including past presidents and support staff and feel honored to continue the tradition. I derive inspiration by their commitment to MAPI and all of their achievements. Of course, this ongoing development and progress is not possible without a very supportive team and I feel honored to be joined by a very efficient Executive Committee and board members. We have an extremely busy year in front of us with very detailed agenda but it is my firm belief that MAPI will continue to purse path of success and play a very active role in healthcare map of Michigan.



Message from Auxillary President

My name is Shubha Kolachalam and my husband’s name is Dr.Ram Kolachalam who is a General Surgeon at Ascension Providence Southfield and Novi, St.Mary’s Hospital Livonia. I am on Foundation board of St. John Providence, I have been on the Bharatiya Temple planning board previously. I have also served on the board of Lotus Bank as its Director. Currently I am a Manager at Dr.RBKolachalam MDPC. We have two daughters and we have lived in MI now for twenty five years.

It gives me great pleasure to be involved with Mapi, Fomapi and Mapi Auxiliary in their endeavor to help the surrounding committee and elsewhere. We have been Mapi members for about 15 years. I am the Mapi Auxiliary President for the y ear 2020. I look forward to working to advance Mapi, Fomapi and Mapi Auxiliary this year. My vision for our organization this year is to encourage more participation by the existing Mapi Members and to get new members to join Mapi. Mapi’s role as I see it is to promote Doctor’s of Indian origin in every aspect of the community they serve.

I am particularly interested in Community service and Charity work that Mapi/Fomapi and Mapi Auxiliary have been involved in. In my previous presidential role I have worked with Penrickton Center for the blind children at Romulus MI. Members of Mapi Auxiliary have been able to volunteer at the Penrickton center for blind children. This year we look forward to volunteering at the soup kitchen at Baldwin Center in Pontiac. We were informed that the center has a serious shortage of food and other items. Mapi Auxiliary has pledged to help in whatever way that we can toward that cause. Under the guidance of previous year president Mrs. Mini Garg Mapi Auxiliary was able to donate $4000 toward the Baldwin Center.


I am proud to announce our board this year:

President Elect: Babita Goyal
Past President: Mini Garg
Secretary: Mamtha Guduguntla
Treasurer: Rashmi Persaud
Nimisha Naik
Punita Godbole
Nirmala Gatla
Monica Kaura
Dr. Manisha Garg
Dr.Poonam Goel
Dr. Nidhi Shishu
Dr. Arti Madhavan

Mapi Auxiliary has some very exciting news. We are organizing a fun filled, entertaining and fund raising event for Valentine’s Day 2/14/2020. The team of Mapi Auxiliary and I hope that you will help us celebrate this fun event with your spouse or significant other and help us raise funds for a worthy cause.
I look forward to seeing you all at Wabeek Country Club on Febraury 14 at 6:30 pm. Tickets can be purchased online on our website


Shubha kolachalam


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